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We Want Your Equipment

Because even retired assets still have value!

Recycle Used Medical Equipment

Hospital Asset Managers
and Dealers:

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Retired equipment gathering dust? WE CAN HELP!
OEM not offering enough of a discount on your trade-in?
Want to get some money back out of that ultrasound?
Tired of paying to store equipment you don't need?
Just trying to clear space?
Looking for an environmentally safe solution?
• Simple, hassle-free solutions
• Quick appraisals & follow up
• FREE reverse installation of static equipment
• No situation too big or too small!
We'll buy from you, even if you don't buy from us!



Looking to save money while buying brand-new Medical Equipment?
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Our mission is to help caregivers lower the cost to care. We earn a fair profit based on volume, not margin!
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