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Steris Amsco QDJ04 Dual Chamber Fluid/Blanket Warmer

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  • Mfg: Steris Amsco
  • Model: QDJ04 Warming Cabinet



Quality Assurance


The Steris Amsco QDJ04 dual-chamber warming cabinet is an efficient, space-saving tool. Independent temperature controls allow you maintain different settings in either chamber. This allows facities to use this cabinet as a fluid warmer in one chamber and a blanket warmer in the other.

Though the pictures only show 4 cabinets, we currently have 12 of these Steris/Amsco QDJ04 Warmers on hand (quantity discounts available). These cabinets have been completely reconditioned and are ready to go. We can ship out within 24hrs!


1 Year Warranty!



  • stainless steel construction
  • LCD temperature windows for upper and lower chambers
  • overtemp indicators for each chamber
  • two shelves in lower chamber; both chambers accept shelf brackets


Overall dimensions of the unit:
      width: 30"
      depth: 28"
      height: 75.5"

Inner dimensions of the upper compartment:
      width: 23.5"
      depth: 22"
      height: 13"

Inner dimensions of the bottom compartment:
      width: 23.5"
      depth: 22"
      height: 38"



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