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Level 356 Dental X-Ray Film Processor - $500

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  • Mfg: Fisher Industries
  • Model: Level 356 Processor



Quality Assurance


This portable dental x-ray processor is in great condition. Came from an office that went digital. No plumbing is required.


User Friendly! Simply fill and drain the processor using the level tubes in the front of the processor.

The Temperature dial and Run/Standby dial are easily accessible from the front of the processor.



  • No Plumbing Required!
  • No Darkroom Required with Daylight Loader Option!
  • Ultra-Compact Design
  • Takes up to 35cm Wide Films
  • Visible Chemical Level Tubes
  • Front Fill & Front Drain
  • Front Temperature Control
  • Energy-Saving Standby Switch
  • Uni-Rack Simplifies Cleaning
  • Convenient Front Panel Fuse



  • Film Size 30mm X 30mm Minimum, Up to 356mm Wide X Any Length
  • Process Time Fixed 4.5 Minutes
  • Process Temperature Adjustable from 20C to 40C
  • Tank Capacity 1.5 liters Each of Developer, Fixer, and Wash
  • Circulation Independent Pumps for Developer, Fixer, and Wash
  • Line Voltage 115VAC or optional 230VAC, 8 Amps
  • Dimensions 550mm Wide X 400mm Deep X 540mm Tall with Daylight Loader, 550mm Wide X 400mm Deep X 350mm Tall without Daylight Loader


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