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Valleylab Force FX ESU - Reconditioned and Ready!

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  • Mfg: Valleylab
  • Model: Force FX



Quality Assurance


This Valleylab Force FX electrosurgical unit has been completely reconditioned by certified biomed. We have several in stock and ready to ship today.

If you're looking to go from analog to digital, the Force FX is an excellent way to transition from the Force 2.

Price Includes:
      • Valleylab Force FX ESU
      • Foot controls
      • Mobile cart
      • One Year Warranty!




Three bipolar modes

  • Precise, Standard, and Macrobipolar are controlled by the Instant Response™ system
  • Precise and Standard setting utilize low voltage to prevent sparking

Versatile system that is uniquely compatible with other devices, including:

  • Force Argon™ II and Force GSU™ argon coagulation system
  • CUSA EXcel™ and CUSA™ 200 ultrasonic surgical aspirators
  • OptiMumm™ smoke evacuator, through a direct cable link
  • Valleylab VLCM bipolar current monitor

Compatible with and used as the electrosurgical energy source for:

  • Dyonics* Control RF arthroscopic ablation system
  • Dyonics* Electroblade™ rotary resection system
  • Cook Vascular Perfecta™ EDS pacemaker lead extraction system

Compatible with, and the exclusive electrosurgical generator for, the Computer Motion Hermes™ Voice Command System


Valleylab The Valleylab Force FX™ provides the power for cutting, desiccating, and fulgurating tissue during surgery and may be used in either bipolar or monopolar electrosurgical procedures.

The Force FX™ allows you to activate the generator with either the handset or footswitch controls. And it's easy for techs to set up because the receptacles are clearly marked to ensure the correct connection of accessories via an RF activation port, serial port (RS-232) and an expansion port.

Indicators alert you when the generator is activated and the Force FX™ lets you quickly adjust the activation tone volume and reset the mode/power settings. 

The Valleylab Force FX™ is designed to be used as part of a complete system, including Valleylab Force GSU System and the Valleylab Electroshield Monitor. 



Weight and Dimensions

  • Height: 11.1 cm (4-3/8 in.)
  • Width: 35.6 cm (14 in.)
  • Length: 43.9 cm (17 in.)
  • Weight: < 8.1 kg (<18 lbs)


Output Waveforms 

  • Precise: 470 kHz sinusoid
  • Standard: 470 kHz sinusoid
  • Macro: 470 kHz sinusoid 

Monopolar Cut

  • Low: 390 kHz sinusoid. Similar to the Pure Cut mode except the maximum voltage is limited to a lower value. 
  • Pure: 390 kHz sinusoid
  • Blend: 390 kHz bursts of sinusoid, recurring at 27 kHz intervals. 50% duty cycle envelope. 

Monopolar Coag

  • Desiccate: 240 kHz sinusoid repeated at 39 kHz. 8% duty cycle.
  • Fulgurate: 390 kHz damped sinusoid bursts with a repetition frequency of 30 or 57 kHz into 500 ohms
  • Spray: 390 kHz damped sinusoidal bursts with a randomized repetition centered at 28 kHz. Frequencies include 21 kHz
  • Output power changes by less than 15% or 5 watts, whichever is greater, as the line voltage varies from 104-132 volts and 208- 264 volts (at rated load). 


Low Frequency Leakage (50-60 Hz); source current, patient leads, all outputs tied together

  • Normal polarity, intact chassis ground: <10 µA
  • Normal polarity, ground open: < 50 µA
  • Reverse polarity, ground open: < 50 µA
  • Sink current, 140V applied, all inputs: < 50 µA 

PER = 98
PER (Power Efficiency Rating) is the measure of an electrosurgical generator’s ability to accurately deliver the selected power into a wide range of tissue types. 

Input Power Requirements
Operating range is 85 to 132 AC volts. Maximum current is 7 amperes in Cut and 4 amperes in Coag. 

High Frequency Leakage

  • Bipolar: Less than 60 mA (rms)
  • Monopolar: Less than 150 mA (rms)

REM™ Contact Quality Monitoring System

  • Measurement Frequency: 80 kHz ± 10 kHz
  • Measurement Current: Less than 10 µA
  • Acceptable Resistance Ranges: 
    • REM™ pad 
    • 5-135 ohms 
    • Non-REM™ pad – less than 20 ohms
  • Acceptance range is 5-135 ohms after REM PolyHesive II return electrode is applied. 

Adaptive REM™
REM™ trip is baseline impedance plus 40%. For example, if the baseline impedance is 30 ohms, the upper level trip approximately 42 ohms. If the pad-patient impedance falls below the baseline impedance, a new baseline is established. 

Output Characteristics Bipolar
Precise Mode: 

  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 450
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 100
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 70
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 1.5

Standard Mode: 

  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 320
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 100
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 70
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 1.5

Macro Mode:

  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 750
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 100
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 70
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 1.5 


Monopolar Coag
Desiccate Mode:

  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 3500
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 500
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 120
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 5

Fulg. High Crest Factor* Mode:

  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 8500
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 500
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 120
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 7.0

Fulg. Low Crest Factor *Mode:

  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 6900
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 500
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 120
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 5.5

Spray Mode:

  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 9000
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 500
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 120
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 8


CEM™ Mode
Monopolar Cut (Low):

  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 1000
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 300
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 100
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 1.5 

Monopolar Coag (Dessicate): 

  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 3500 
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 500 
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 70
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 5 

* Crest Factor is an indicator of a waveform’s ability to coagulate without cutting







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