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Stryker 3-chip HD Video Endoscopy/Laparoscopy System Complete

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  • Mfg: Stryker
  • Model: Stryker 1188



Quality Assurance


Completely refurbished Stryker 3-chip HD Video Endoscopy/Laparoscopy System Complete.



  • 1188 HD Camera CCU with 2 X 1188 HD Camera Heads with Coupler
  • Stryker Vision Elect 19" HD Flat Panel Monitor on tower
  • Slave monitor on stand, Stryker Vision Elect 19" HD Flat Panel Monitor
  • Stryker X8000 Light Source with Fiber Optic Cable
  • Stryker SDC Ultra Information System
  • HP PhotoSmart D7260 Printer
  • Stryker Glass Front Endoscopic Video Cart w/ adjustable shelfs, flat panel monitor holder
  • Slave tower stand with flat panel monitor holder

We have enough components on hand to set up 3 towers.



  • Styker Core Series 40 Litre Electronic Insuffulator, additional $4000
  • Scopes, all sizes... let us know what you need!
  • Hand instruments, etc

ALSO, we can in-service this unit for you for an additional $1500. Our specialist will set the system up and spend the day in your office, training you and your staff on how to use the equipment (USA only). If your office is west of the Mississippi an additional travel fee of $500 may apply.




1188 HD 3-Chip Camera

Stryker continues to pioneer advancements in minimally invasive surgery with the introduction of its 2nd generation high-definition camera, the 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera. This innovative camera offers outstanding picture quality, enhanced clarity and more intuitive user controls.

Features & Benefits

The 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera has been designed to offer the following features and benefits:

The Stryker X8000 Light Source complements the Stryker 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera by enhancing its picture with clean, pure light. This maximizes the ability of Stryker’s high-definition video equipment to capture the most brilliant and detailed visualization possible for today’s surgical procedures.

The X8000’s powerful bulb, convenient operations, safety features and unique Align-Lock technology are some of the many outstanding benefits:

  • 300-watt xenon elliptical bulb
  • Interface with visible LCD screen
  • Pure, clean light
  • Align-Lock
  • Single-handed insertion
  • Electronic Scope Sensing Technology


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