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Steris 3080RL OR Table, 1 Year Warranty

Price: $16,500.00

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  • Mfg: Steris
  • Model: 3080 RL



Quality Assurance

This Steris 3080RL Operating Table has been completely overhauled by a Steris trained service tech. Runs like a champ and will look great in your OR!


  • Fully inspected mechanics
  • All issues addressed
  • New hydraulics
  • Resealed connections 
  • New feet
  • New casters/wheels
  • New paint/cosmetic issues addressed
  • New pads

Price includes 1 YEAR WARRANTY!

Steris 3080RC with RL Steris 3080RC with RL

Steris 3080RC with RL Steris 3080RC with RL

Steris 3080RC with RL Steris 3080RC with RL

Steris 3080RC with RL



The Amsco™ 3080 features a radiolucent top and can be adjusted to Trendelenburg, back, side, foot and flex positions. It comes standard with a remote control for easy patient positioning.

A Quick Look:

  • Surgical table with radiolucent top
  • One of the most durable, flexible and reliable surgical tables available 
  • Brings more efficiency to the operating room 
  • Fluoroscopic capabilities
  • Simple patient positioning 
  • Return to level with a single command

Features Overview:

  • Remote control
  • C-ARM Compatible
  • Return to level 
  • Positions include: Trendelenburg, back (raise or lower), side (lateral tilt), foot (raise or lower), flex ("v" or inverted "v")
  • Up to 500 lb capacity

Product Specifications:

  • Load limit: up to 500 lbs. 
  • Maximum Height: 44" 
  • Minimum Height: 27" 
  • Trendelenburg: 25º 
  • Reverse Trendelenburg: 25º 
  • Lateral tilt: 18º

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✅  100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Covers the product for 30 days
  • Returned for any reason, no questions asked!

✅  Just Medical Standard Warranty

  • Covers the product for 60 days
  • If it breaks, we'll fix it!

✅  PLUS: Just Medical Premium Warranty

  • Extends Standard Warranty to a full year
  • Provides for fast, onsite repair!

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