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Stryker Prime Series Stretcher #1115, Big Wheel

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  • Mfg: Stryker
  • Model: Prime Series 1115



Quality Assurance

Excellent condition!

SN: 1104 031544
Date of Manufacture: April 2011



Prime Series Stretcher

Stryker Prime is designed to ensure caregiver safety and efficiency while enhancing the patient experience. Prime is BackSmart. It can be instrumental in reducing caregiver injuries during patient care. Prime offers three mobility options and unprecedented patient comfort. Patients can adjust their own positions without calling a caregiver for assistance. A variety of available support surfaces and configuration options give Prime the versatility you need. The 700 lb weight capacity combined with multiple mobility solutions help accommodate heavy patients and long transports.

  • 1105: All Standard Features Plus Fifth Wheel steering
  • 1115: All Standard Features Plus Big Wheel steering

MORE INFO: Technical specifications for Prime Series Stretchers are laid out by Stryker in THIS PDF brochure.



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