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Midmark Ritter 491 Power ENT Chair

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  • Mfg: Midmark Ritter
  • Model: Midmark 491 ENT Chair



Quality Assurance


Completely refurbished Midmark 491 Power Otolaryngology Chair, in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. They are almost ready to go, all that remains is for you to choose the color of your upholstery.

We included a stock photo to demonstrate the swivel function and show what this exam table looks like with new upholstery.



Exams, procedures and surgeries are faster, easier and more stable with the Midmark 491. It positions patients precisely at the touch of a button. The 491's power low height of 22" makes mounting and dismounting the chair easy for patients. Its highest height of 31" lets the physician put patients at their most comfortable working height and tapered headrests and narrow 18" width lets the physician work in close.

The 491`s power back goes from an upright 90 angle to completely flat position. The Auto Return button quickly returns the patient to the dismount position.

Power controls are located on both sides of the chair`s back.

The 491`s positioning flexibility is further enhanced by 330 rotation.

The extremely stable power chair
The 491`s solid steel base makes the chair extremely stable. Physicians work with more confidence and patients feel less anxious, especially during delicate otolaryngologic procedures.

Work in close
Tapered headrests and a narrow 18" width let the physician work in close. Armrests lower when the chair reclines, or they rotate up and out of the physician's way. And the footrest locks into the upright position when flipped out of the way with a touch of the toe for easy front access.

Two hospital grade electrical receptacles let the physician plug in lights, accessories and equipment without tripping over cords.



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