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Hill-Rom Centra 850 Hospital Bed - 1 Year Warranty

Price: $1,550.00

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  • Mfg: Hill-Rom
  • Model: Centra 850, 852, 8500
  • Shipping Weight: 382lbs


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Quality Assurance

Price Includes 1 Year Warranty!


We specialize in reconditioning Hill-Rom hospital beds. The Centra series is by far our favorite bed to work with. These beds were originally designed for hospital use in heavy rotation. They were built tough, built to last. Though our warranty is only for 1 year, these beds should last at least as long as their original life.

In addition to everything we do during the reconditioning process, every Centra receives the following:

  • New Paint
  • New Wheels
  • New Casters
  • New Capacitor (for each of the 3 motors)
  • New Couplers (for each of the 3 motors)

These beds are clean, look great, and function smoothly.



  1. Beds are cleaned and prepared for testing.
  2. Each bed receives 3 full inspections (more than 100 points).
  3. Electrical functions and components are thoroughly checked.
  4. Defective components are replaced.
  5. To increase reliability, components with a higher-than-normal fail rate are replaced automatically.
  6. Motors are removed from the bed.
  7. Worm screw is repacked with high temperature grease.
  8. Motors are reinstalled on the bed with NEW couplings.
  9. All casters and wheels are replaced.
  10. Brake and steering functions are adjusted for proper operation.
  11. Side rails are inspected and locks repaired or replaced.
  12. All moving parts on side rails are lubricated and adjusted.
  13. Switches are replaced as necessary.
  14. The entire bed is sanded and primed.
  15. The bed is painted.
  16. For final inspection: all components are examined for proper operation and quality of workmanship.
  17. Electrical safety and electrical leakage current tests are performed using AAMI test standards.
  18. The bed is packaged and prepared for shipping.

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Hospital Beds

The Hill-Rom Centra is also known as the Hill-Rom 850, Hill-Rom 852, Hill-Rom 8500, and the Hill-Rom 8520. Advertised price does not include overbed table or mattress.

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