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Experienced Brokers

You know the drill, we know the drill!



Dear Experienced Broker of Medical Equipment:

My name is Mike Moore and I am the Director of Acquisitions at Just Medical

If you're an asset manager for a hospital or other facility and you regularly seek buyers for retired assets, I can help. Just send me your list, anytime you have one. Even if your offering isn't a match for our current needs, we'll put the word out to our network of dealers.

In the event I haven't done business with you before, please take a moment to introduce yourself before you start emailing your lists to me. If you don't have the time for a quick call, a brief email will do the trick.

In your email, please be sure to include:
      • Name of your organization
      • Your position within the organization
      • Your contact details

      • Dealers: please specify your specialty (if any)

I look forward to establishing a long and prosperous relationship with you!

Best Regards,
Michael D. Moore
Director of Acquisitions
(904) 383-7939



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