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  • Mfg: Hewlett Packard HP
  • Model: M1700A



Quality Assurance


HP M1700A PageWriter XLi has been refurbished by certified biomed. Includes new battery, software, and stand. Patient ready, can be shipped out tomorrow!




The HP PageWriter XLi is a 12-lead EKG machine, offering full page printouts, interpretation, as well as a large preview screen. The PageWriter XLi is among the best selling hospital EKGs of all time. In addition, this product offers a variety of tools for the anylization, transmission, storage, and sharing of ECG data.


Additional features and benefits of the HP PageWriter XLi ECG include:

  • Acquisition of as many as 16 leads of ECG at once
  • 3 channel, 6 channel, and 12 channel monitoring
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Configurations for adult and pediatric recording
  • Digital array printer


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